Christmas and Transfers

29 December 2014

Dear family and friends,

What a wonderful time of the year! Being a missionary for the holidays is quite enjoyable, especially if you're serving in the Peachwood ward! (The missionaries in the CFM call our area "The Celestial Kingdom" Haha) It is truly a blessing serving where you have your own home (with two bathrooms), a very active youth group who decorate your house with Christmas lights while you're out proselyting, ward members that always comes out and teach with us and also feed us FEASTS 7 nights a week. We even have a lunch schedule because our dinner calendars get full too quickly! I LOVE Peachwood ward! I know I wil miss the people here very much when I'm transferred out.

Speaking of which, Elder Mo'o and I are staying together for another transfer! We have been praying and fasting for us to stay together for another transfer for the past couple of weeks! We also asked ward members to pray for us to stay together-- most of them admitted to us that they already have been. Haha. Did I mention I love Peachwood ward? Our zone got destroyed. All the other companionships, all 15 of them has a companion leaving. Heavenly Father truly knows us and the desires of our hearts. Elder Mo'o and I jumped up and down hugging each other (as manly + dignified as we can) when the call-in came and said we were staying in Peachwood. We are going to light his place up! :) There are people prepared specifically for this companionship. Heavenly Father kept us together for a reason. The relationship of trainer/trainee is gone. We are yoked ewually as missionaries fully prepared and trained for what the Lord has for the both of us. The fire is back -- lets light Peachwood up!

Christmas was awesome! Skyping la familia was very refreshing and saddening as time ran out. To add on to the list of "the hardest things I've had to do on a mission" is clicking the "end call" button after only 40 minutes of talking to them. Gosh, I love my family. And I miss them, but I know that Heavenly Father is blessing them for the service and sacrifice I have willingly given. Here's a couple pictures of my Christmas... Haha

Elder Mo'o and I got in our first bicycle accident/crash. He went over his handlebars and I went over the right side of my bike with the bike landing on me. We're okay. Actually we got up and the first thing we did was look around to make sure everyone was okay and made sure no one was video taping us. How blessed we were. 1. Our bikes are okay. 2. No rips on our clothing from grinding on the pavement. 3. No injuries. We laughed about it later on, and actually right after we got in the crash. If you want to know what happened e-mail or write me asking. I don't want the public to know since all my e-mails home end up in the blog. Hahah

Love you all!

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