Elder Jalla Versus The New Year

Note from the Sister: Hello all! No mass update this week, but Elder Jalla is doing his best to reply to those who have emailed/written him... So watch your inboxes and mailboxes! 

If you're wondering where to send him care packages or letters, his current address is:

Elder Carlo Basconcillo Jalla
California Fresno Mission
1814 N Echo Ave
Fresno, CA 93704-6046
United States


Holiday Randoms
 I got this caterpillar that I nicknamed "koa-pillar"

Don't know what this is about.. he's spackling a ceiling?
Koa-pillar- A Christmas Gift

A New Year... And Two Pictures With A Boa
The missionaries were counseled to stay indoors because of New Year's craziness in California. But, it looks like he still had a good time. You know, until curfew... which was 9:30 pm. 

And... bonus!... He's wearing a boa in the last two pictures!

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