Short But Sweet

Dear friends and family,

Faith is a decision. It is a choice to act on what we have been taught and we know to be right even when we don't feel like it; it is moving forward and pushing on even when we are not feeling--and it may have been some time since we felt--the strong convictions of the Spirit. In fact, deciding to act in faith, even when we are not feeling very faith-filled, sometimes brings heaven's most remarkable blessings.

Elder Neil L. Andersen said, "Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision" 

This week was quite the roller coaster of emotions. I hit major low points and soared high on other points. It's crazy how you can start out your day as a missionary with everything going according to plan with a smile on your face and joy in your heart--- and in a span of 12 hours walk back into your home frustrated, confused, and disheartened. And vice versa. You can leave your house feeling down and a bit unwillingly and just have back to back spiritual experiences that you lay on your bed exhausted but genuinely happy that you decided to get up and get moving that day.

One thing I have come to learn and have been reconfirmed this week was the concept of 'no coincidences'. At one of my low point days I looked out the window and thought to myself, "I could do more good somewhere else with someone else. I wish I could move forward with my life." I got a strong impression and answer reminding me that perhaps I can move forward but someone right outside my window needs what we as missionaries have to share. Some of my hardest days out here was brought about because I forgot that, first and foremost I am out here for others. In the missionary handbook it states our loyalty is first to the Lord, then to the mission president, then to our companion. I've heard it said that the most important conversion on your mission is yourself. However that only comes about when you "forget and lose yourself" in the work. You all have something to share to help uplift the wounded individual, to encourage the disheartened, and to provide peace and happiness through the truths of the gospel that you have come to know and live by. You have the potential to save a life today.

Our lives are intertwined, and we do so much good when we get up and get moving. 

Okay, this e-mail is a hot mess, I have so much more to say--- but I am out of time. I hope that there was something noteworthy in this e-mail :)

With love,
Your eternal friend and fellow missionary
Elder Jalla

p.s. here is Elder Mo'o and I as we prepared lunch for other missionaries. Spontaneous act of love

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